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who we are

Welcome! I am thankful you’ve taken the time to visit our website.

St. Lucia Association of Georgia (SLUAG) is a non-profit organization located in Atlanta, Georgia. Our aim is to provide guidance, helpful, constructive information and resources whenever possible to St. Lucian’s, and the community at large.

SLUAG also acts as a vehicle that brings St. Lucians in Georgia together by organizing social and educational events. Our goal is also to serve, represent and showcase the St. Lucian Community and Culture in Georgia and surrounding states.


Cornelius Alfred | President

SLUAG also strives to work with other associations, organizations, government departments, agencies, community based groups and individuals through dialogue, networking and sharing or securing of resources on matters of cultural, educational, social and economic development either for mutual benefit or to advance the needs of our members and/or the citizens of Saint Lucia.

I encourage you to become an active member of our association, come share your views and experiences.

Help make SLUAG a better association. We also encourage you to let us know your concerns or ideas. We can be reached via email: or

our objectives

  1. Help relieve poverty, sickness, distress. 

  2. Advance the education of the inhabitants of St. Lucia and the St. Lucian community within Georgia and other states. 

  3. Advance the education of the public and in particular people of St. Lucian origin, by providing educational activities and aids in such ways as the Association, through its Executive Body, shall determine. 

  4. Promote the principles of equality, opportunity, diversity and good relations between persons of different racial groups, for the benefit of the pub-lic at large. 

  5. Provide opportunities for social, cultural and recreational activities, in such ways as the Executive Body shall determine to further the Association’s objectives. 

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